Spoke Changes

Dear members and subscribers of Spoke ,
As you may know, we have gone through a little turn over in the Spoke editor role with Jay Jameson leaving and Mike Green filling in.  However, since that time, Mike learned that his job will be relocating him.  Our thanks to Jay and Mike.  Especially Jay for building up Spoke to the great communications tool that it is today. In Rotarian fashion, Dave Beach has graciously offered to learn the process and take the role of editor and we are most appreciative.

We are now using Club Runner software which includes a module which allows clubs to transform their printed club bulletin into a digital eBulletin. 
Please note, fax delivery has been discontinued and we ask those who were receiving a fax, to read Spoke as an email instead.  There are a couple reasons for retiring fax. First, and most important, that is what Club Runner produces automatically (an HTML email).  Second, we have built interactive links into the new eBulletin so that if you want more information about a topic, you can click a link and have it take you there automatically. And third, fax machines as a technology are getting long in the tooth, interactive links won’t work, our color pictures are pretty much meaningless in a fax and we don’t want you to miss out on the full Rotary experience.
The Club Runner software now does the actual emailing of Spoke. It will come from “The Rotary Club of Norristown” and the actual non-visble "from" email address will be mailservice@clubrunner.ca  If you are using a spam filter, please make sure that you are not blocking this email address and if you can not find Spoke, please look in your spam folder and mark it as non-spam.  If you are using Gmail, Google will put it in your Promotions folder by default if you turned that option on.
 One or two members who can not access a computer will continue to receive a printed copy via postal mail.
Should you have additional questions or concerns please let me know.  Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions which may address any you may have.  Your feedback is welcome.
Why are we making this change?
The production of Spoke involves a fair amount of data collection, coordination and distribution effort. This makes the process laborious. With the licensing of the new Club Runner service, we are able to leverage its eBulletin capabilities as part of our service agreement and deliver our communications through modern technology.
What are the advantages of this change?
Spoke can be produced much more quickly, with less replication and in a collaborative fashion.
Spoke can be distributed from the central master member email list. All email address information will be maintained in one location and will be current and in sync with Rotary InternationaI.
Spoke will embrace a self subscription model.  There is a “subscription link" on the new ebulletin where you can add or remove yourself directly from ebulletin distribution.
Spoke will now contain interactive links which you can click directly to dig deeper into a topic and view additional topic information.
Spoke will be "automatically" archived and online for historical reference.
Spoke will also have an extended electronic distribution list for our friends of the club (non-members) desiring to subscribe and receive Spoke.
Potentially, it offers us the ability to share Spoke written content with the website so stories are only written once. Stories will be a shared resource and can be contributed but numerous writers. 
What will it mean to me?

Instead of a PDF attachment in your Spoke email, Spoke will be part of the email itself, not an attachment. 
What if I turned off the ability to view HTML email on my personal computer?

More and more email sent today includes HTML graphics. In the computer dial up days, HTML took longer to down load, so turning off graphics was one way to reduce download time. However, If you turn off HTML or graphics, Spoke may not format correctly on your computer. We encourage you to leave this option turned on.
Will I continue to receive Spoke by fax?

No, most members will receive Spoke in an email with very few exceptions. The fax distribution of Spoke will be discontinued since the new eBulletin format will make extensive use of colors, pictures, graphics and interactive links not viewable or accessible in a fax.
What if I suspect I am no longer receiving Spoke via email?

Please check your spam folder. The email will say it is from The Rotary Club of Norristown and the actual from address will be mailservice@clubrunner.ca.  Make sure you mark the email as non-spam. If you do not know how to do that or you can not find Spoke, reply to this email.  Here is an excellent tutorial for modifying Spam settings in each of the popular email systems. (click here)
How will I know we have made the change?

You will notice when you open the new format email, Spoke will have a new letterhead displaying our banner as it appears on our website today. 
If I am not a member, how can I subscribe or unsubscribe from receiving Spoke?

All subscriptions, both signing up and dropping are self serve.  All you have to do is click the subscriber link on the web site or at the top of Spoke and tell us your email and name.  That’s it !
Please enjoy the new format as we continue to enhance our communication services.
Best Regards, 
Mark Call

Note: Gmail users
Anyone using Google's intelligent categories may find their emails are skipping their inbox and going to the promotions category without hitting the inbox.  This is usually accomplished with a filter.  What you need to do is to tell the filter to skip filter processing for anything from the Rotary Club of Norristown.  Here's how...

Log in to gmail on the web.  Click settings (upper right), then select the Filters tab. Scroll down until you see a filter telling Gmail to skip the inbox of category Promotions.  Then fill in the "and does't have" box with Rotary Club of Norristown.  And click update filters. Alternately you can add this email address to your contacts so that is it recognized as non-spam ( mailservice@clubrunner.ca ).

 Here is what it looks like.
Screen 1

Screen 2