Making Smiles - One of the projects we support is our Rotaplast mission. We send teams of surgeons and nonprofessionals to visit countries and make children smile by repairing their disfiguring cleft palate or cleft lip.  Here a note from Edarase Tose (Venezuela) after receiving mercy surgery to correct cleft lip possible by our donation.

Cleft Palate and cleft lip is a birth defect which not only disfigures the mouth and lips leaving physical scarring with gaps or holes where the skin doesn’t close, it also causes emotional, speech and even breathing issues for infants, following them into adulthood. These disfigurements can be corrected through surgery with excellent outcomes. Rotary sends traveling surgical teams where Rotary volunteers along with surgeons and medical support teams visit these villages to perform the corrective surgery. That’s why we call it the "Making Smiles” project, not only for children but also their parents.