Each week a community leader is invited to come talk to the club. 

To our speakers: You entertain us, you enlighten us and you keep us in close touch with our community.  We appreciate you sharing your everyday world and bringing it to Rotary.  We rely on your wisdom and your experience.  And we hope to partner with you and share your challenges to make a better world.

                                                         Thank You... 

Curt Huston - Valley Forge Watershed

Joe Rittenhouse - The Mongol Rally 3/16/17

Marianne Lynch - Habitat for Humanity 2/23/17

Heather Lewis - CADCOM 10/20/16

Lizzie Hessek - PA Env. Council Schuykill River Trails 9/8/16

Tim Ketelhut - Teamlife 8/11/16

Carol Metzler - Human Trafficking 7/21/16

Pat Mascaro - JP Mascaro Inc. 7/14/16

Amy Grebe - Community Arts Center 6/9/16

Nicole Gilette - Winner Student Leadership 4/21/16

Jodi Rouser - Solar City 3/10/16

Troy Swittenburg & Kirk Berry - Ntn Men of Excellence 3/24/16

David Schweidenbach - Pedals for Progress (Founder) 2/11/16

Lt Robert Greenaway - NPD 2/4/16

Chris Wheeler - Philadelphia Philles 1/14/16

Matthew Edmond - Lafayette St Corridor Expansion Project 9/24/15

David Burgmeyer - Salvation Army 8/27/15

Beth Pilling - Montco Planning Comm. - Greenway Study 8/13/15

Katherine Neumann - St Augustine After School Program 8/6/15

Shae Ashe - The Norristown Project 6/18/16

Cassandra Lannetti - Laurel House 6/11/16

Larry Reed - MontcoSAAC 5/28/16

Donna Gabler (center)  - Brain Balance Centers 5/14/16

Tony Palandino (C) & Paul Spiewak (R) - NASD move to PAC10 4/16/16

Ron Smith (center) - The Rotary Foundation 4/2/16

Hank Miller - 18th Century Military Life

Dr. Sanford Barth (center) - Medicare Fraud (CARIE)

Don Benn - Montco Anti Human Trafficking Coalition

Fran Jacobs - Mainline Trap Youth Club

Turea Hutson(center) - Montco Community Connections

Robin Parker - Dragon Boat Club & Ed Turner Norristown Bus. Assoc.

District Governor, Gary Fedorcha (2014-2015)

Chief Mark Talbot - Norristown Police Dept.

Hakim Jones / Rowan Watson - Norristown Eagles Youth Football

Roger Baumann (right) The Rotary Foundation

Tom Verghese & Dr Cherian Verghese Age Related Mental Health

Mark Beiber - Main Line Deputy Dog - Service Dogs 

Edward Turner (left) - Norristown Business Association

 Bill Rose (left) - Mind Power

Andy Agaba (right) - Hiinga, Microfinance for Farmers in Africa 

Juan Guerra, CEO (right) - Aclamo Family Centers

Viviann Schorle (left) - Norristown Violence Prevention Initiative

Dist Gov Frank Romano (ctr), Assitant Gov Bruce Dearnley (right)

Mickey Charles (center) - The Sports Network

Robert A Miller (right) author "True Story of an American Nazi Spy"

Bob Schmidt (left) - Selma to Montgomery 1965

Dr Joseph DiMinio & the Montco Health Dept - Mary Cushionburg, Brian Pasqulae & Mary Heaton

Mike Ivankovich - The Antique Road Show

Fred Dugan (left) - Shaping the Constitution

Dr. Marco Dibonaventura from the K.O.P. Wellness Center

Tony Zanzinger - 101st Airbourne

Chris Wheeler of the Phillies

Sean Griffin (center) - Poverty Resolutions in Haiti

Sgt Allen Stewart & Deputy John Killen - Montco Bomb Squad

Phil Wallis (left) - The Audubon Bird Sanctuary

Joe Valerio (left) - Former Offensive Lineman K.C. Chiefs

Bruce Dearnley (left) - Shelterboxes

Larry Whittenberg - Salvation Army

Dist. Gov.Tony Janetta (right) on "Peace through Service"

Jo Greenwalt (right) - Impact Thrift

Nancy Loane (center)- Women of Valley Forge

Jim Weaver - Empowerment Partners

Jill Meyer - Medicare for Baby Boomers

Mike Ivankovich - Professional Auctioneer

Lou Bird (right)- Medical Ethics

Note to speakers:  The club has an Optoma PRO 160S DLP projector ad screen with VGA and HDMI ports which you may use with your own computer. We suggest that you make slides of computer screens large enough so that screen text is readable at 800x600 resolution.  We can accommodate PCs & Macs. We run Powerpoint Software.
Sorry, we can not provide VHS, 35mm slides, Blu-ray or overhead transparency equipment. 

Please let us know in advance if you wish to use the projector or a computer and also if you need a WIFI connection. We suggest downloading any videos rather than streaming. If you have questions,  email the club contact .

Would you like to speak at a future Rotary club meeting?  
Do you have a topic that is informative and pertinent to our members or the community?  Email us and let us know the topic and a brief description of what you would like to present. Our presentation facilities are described on this page above, please let us know your requirements.  As you can see from our calendar, we schedule these a couple months in advance normally.
click the envelop to tell us about your talk
Sandra Dounce - The Kalmar Nickel 3/23/17

Brett Wells - Indian Creek Foundation 3/9/17

Joseph Gale (R) - Montco Commissioner 2/16/17

Carrie Barron - Audubon Society 9/1/16

Travis Geiser & Dan Weckerle VF Tourism 8/18/16

Dr Valerie Arkoosh - Montgomery County Commissioner 8/4/16

Jason Bobst - WN Township Manager 5/12/16

Jack Waters - Aqua Sport Physical Therapy PC 5/26/16

Crandall Jones - Norristown Borough Administrator 5/5/16

Jim Wakefield - Canoe adventure  4/14/16

Tom McGlynn - Feed The Burbs / Patrick Walsh - Matha's Choice 2/18/16

Nelly Jaminez - Aclamo Family Centers 1/28/16

Pamela Martin - Expressive Path 1/8/16

Janet Shepps - Feel the Warmth 10/8/15

Marianne Lynch - Habitat for Humanity Montgomery Cty 9/3/15

Sunanda Charles - Norristown Hospitality Center 8/20/15

Angela Coleman - Jennifer Pratt - Theatre Horizon 6/4/16

Jazminh Tuggle-Snowden - 4 Way Test Speech Winner 5/7/16

Al Angelo - Comedian / Magician / Juggler Admin Apprec. Day 4/23/16

(L-R) Chief Willie Richete, Sheriff Russell Bono  3/26/16

Pastor Byron Craig - Geo Washington Carver Comm Center 3/12/16

Louise Zawadzki - Rotary Elevator Speech 1/22/16

Paula Mayewski - Meals on Wheels 2/12/16

Joe Hanson - Large Scale Model Airplanes 1/8/16

Chris Wheeler - Phila, Phillies.

Mary Kay Rafferty, Belinda Edwards - Concern (foster care)

Nancy Becker (County Recorder of Deeds)  - Veterans ID Program

Rose Brown (left) - Your Family Genealogy

Maj Fred Hagglund - Our Neighbor to the North

Angus Murray (Center) - Variety Camp

Jason Salus - Montgomery County Treasurer

Viviann Schorle - The Norristown Survey

Det. Mike Gilbert - Identity Theft

Louise Robertson - Pathway School

(Michael Shaw (right) author "History of King of Prussia Railroads"

Chris Wheeler & Bobbie Wine - Phila Phillies

Terry Reed - D7430 Membership Chair

Tim Weaver - Empower Partners

Nick Castellano (Center L) ,Jon McGlaughlin (Center R) - Obamacare

Michael Tolle - Who Killed Downtown?

Tim Hass (3rd from left) - Migrant Education Program

Rita Porecca (left)- Men are Bluetooth / Women are WIFI

 Alexander Luchansky - Shen Yun Show

Jessica Schneider (right) - President of the NAEF

Bob Kelly (LW) - Phildelphia Flyers

Clarke Rupert - Delaware River Basin Commission

Don Tollefson sports anchor Fox 29

The Salvation Army & Friends

Dr. Bobby Wong (right) - President Ursinus College

Alicia Ruiz-Orbini (Allentown Club) - Rotoplast

Roger Baumann (center) - The Rotary Foundation

Cindy Wirth and Sue Castle - International Literacy Project

Joe Fazio - The Susan Fazio Foundation for Melanoma Research

David Clark, CEO and President of Mercy Health System of S.E.PA

Fred Hagglund - Salvation Army

Lucy Rupp (center) - Changing Technological Trends in Religious Communities

Dr. Sraboni Dutta (left) - a Fulbright scholar from Calcutta, India 

Leslie Benoliel (center) - Entrepreneur Works

Montgomery County Sheriff, Eileen Behr (center)

Tony Janetta, Gar Webb & Frank Romano - District 7430

PA State Representative, Mike Vereb
Leslie Richards - Montgomery County Commissioner

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