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Our Digital Club, Part 4 - 2 Way Info, Collecting Information via Web Forms

posted Jul 4, 2015, 5:37 AM by RotaryofNorristown   [ updated Feb 17, 2017, 10:42 AM ]
Club websites are the information compendium of any club.  It’s the one place where an interested web surfer can come to find a trunk load of information indexed and organized by topic so it is easy, not only to learn everything you’d want to know about a club, but use as a reference source to look up or access information not only about the club but information culled from other Rotary sources.  And given the URL, or .com or .net naming standard, it is easy to locate. 

But are you using your website to collect information?  Web sites can not only communicate outward but inward as well. An easy mechanism for doing this is to use web forms.  Web forms are built into many web site construction tools.  They can be used for a variety of needs.  Some examples are registration, requests for information, sign up lists and even interactive surveys.  There are many web form software packages which can be purchased but Google offers Google Forms as a free vehicle to make it ridiculously easy to quickly design a form with rudimentary input rules, collect the information and even communicate the composite results, if you choose. 

Google Forms can be embedded on your web site or they can be distributed through email.  Basically there are two steps to use forms on a web site, 1 - build the form, 2 - paste in (embed) the code.
It is straightforward to use ‘Google Forms”. Just embed the form on your site (provided it supports embedded custom HTML).
It is supported by ClubRunner and by the Google Sites tools.  One of the best uses is to use it as a 'Request for Information' form.  This allows a prospective Rotarian the ability to provide basic information (some optional) such as contact information and even communicate their specific interest in Rotary. Here is one such example .  
At the same time, it allows you to build a list of interested prospects.  Don’t forget to put a link allowing them to subscribe to your newsletter.

Here is a tutorial for building a survey type form in Google Forms for use on a ClubRunner Website.

This technique can be very handy to collect web visitor information.  But Google Forms can also be embedded in an email (especially a ClubRunner email).  This makes doing club surveys a snap.

It’s easy peasy.  All you need is a free Google Account.

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